Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Donald Trump Winning Black American Pastors Vote

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Pastors Lets Give To Our People

Jesus said that it is more bless to GIVE than it is to receive. So Pastors lets do that. Right now in Our Churches many people are hurting with financial difficulty as a result of the Great Recession. Rather than putting more pressure on them to Give so that we/our Churches can receive and pay its expenses, why not us help them and Give to them so that they can pay their expenses.
In Acts 20:34 the Apostle Paul speaking to a group of Elders tells them that his own hands minister to his necessities and those that travel with him in his ministry. His Hands. He was referring to his Tent Making Business. His Business generated his support and income for him personally and his ministry. He and the work of God was not depended on whether or not people gave to him. He later even said that he didn’t desire Gifts but rather that the people would abound.
Pastors lets sow into our people so they can reap. Lets give to our people so they can Have. Lets empower them so they can generate their own income.
How can we do that? Lets put them in the Garden where there is at least Four Streams of Water/income coming in to supply them with whats necessary to be a blessing.
Lets partner with our Members and our Members Partner with the Church and generate our own income through BUSINESS. 1thess 4:11
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Monday, December 19, 2011

How Doing What God Said Saved My Building

      Doing What God Said
      Saved My Church Building

By Dr Steve Parson
Seven years ago The Lord told me to Buy a shopping Plaza after we had put 250,000 dollars earnest money deposit to Buy a Mall outside of Richmond Va. At the time we didn´t get the Mall but we did purchase the Plaza. I didn´t understand why He wanted us to do that at the time, but there was a urgency to do it. Thank God we obeyed. Now seven years later 2011 here we are in a Great Recession, Church Tithes and Offerings have declined over 70%. Our Church would not of been able to pay our 32,000 dollar monthly Mortgage Payment. But Thanks be to God, He knew the Recession was coming back then in 2004. Today we no longer have a Mortgage payment because we SOLD the property and have revenue coming in to pay that Expense. Obeying God Saved us.
This Revelation in the Scriptures of Doing Our Own Business is for such a time as this. Pastors lets get this Word ( 1 Thess 4:11 ) out to others as soon as possible.
Forward this Blog and my site: www.drsteveparson.com to as many Pastors as possible today and help the Body of Christ know this revelation in Gods Word.
Download this Message on “the Principle of Buying and Selling” for yourself and start generating your Money for the Work of God and you and your Family and not have to to Depend upon anybody’s Giving to you. God’s says that He has Given us the Ability to Get it Ourselves through the Work of Our Hands. ( Business )
Bless You
Dr Steve Parson

About The Author: Dr Steve Parson

Dr Steve Parson is Pastor of the Richmond Christian Center in Richmond Virginia. Go to www.drsteveparson.com is see his entire Biographical history